Mrs Noah: Everyone's Grandma
3/15/2018 5:42:00 PM by: Sandi Banks

Noah’s wife

I admire this woman, and I don’t even know her name. But what a resume!

1. Preacher’s wife

2. Experienced Submissive Assistant:

  • several hundred years farming
  • 120 years boat-building
  • one year zoo-keeping on gigantic houseboat
  • forty days /nights storm-sailing
  • skilled in waiting, relocating and relating as woman, wife, mother, mother-in-law 

3. Free from bondage to creature comforts, worldly stuff, others’ opinions, and animalphobias

4. Grandmother to all mankind, strong faith and family; eyes fixed on God, and world to come:

All our military moves paled in comparison. Mrs. Noah stepped onto that ark leaving nearly everything and everyone behind, forever. She stepped off the boat following a harrowing ocean ordeal—in a strange place, with no welcoming committee, no house to move into, no girlfriends to hear her heart, or to pray or laugh or cry with.

Wow. How did she do it? The last dozen words of her resume reveal her secret. "... strong faith and family; eyes fixed on God, and world to come."

Encouraged by her faith, intrigued by her fortitude, inspired by her focus, I’m privileged, and humbled, to call Mrs. Noah "Grandma." Aren’t you? “

…thou shalt come into the ark...and thy wife…” –Gen.6:18 

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