Meet Sandi


Unofficial Bio (True confessions) :

Things you may need to know before you friend me:

I have a great sense of direction, it’s just 180-degrees off. I was issued two left ballet slippers at birth, flunked charm school, and have been known to be a one-woman version of Mo, Larry, and Curly (without the fame or fortune.) I’ve committed more than my share of cultural blunders, language bloopers, and unforgettable gee-where-am-I moments around the globe, including entering and exiting more men’s rooms than I care to count. (Did you know herr doesn’t mean her in German?) 

I’m a lover of all things chocolate. And furry. But not both together. Give me special times with family and friends, plenty of double-over-laughing moments … crisp mountain air, flowing streams, hiking trails, sun shining through trees, a toasty fire at night, and endearing people to share it all with, and I’m a happy camper. I love orchestra music, and have been known to binge watch full-length concerts of London Symphony on You Tube. I know. It’s wild and crazy. But it does keep me off the streets.


Official Bio:

As a storyteller, Sandi brings you into her world of adventure—and mis-adventure. Having been equipped with a faulty sense of direction and other challenges, then let loose in forty countries on six continents, she’s got plenty of stories to tell—funny, inspiring, and poignant life lessons—to bring you a smile, a tear, and fresh perspective on your own life journey.  

As a published author, conference host, and international traveler and speaker, Sandi’s aim is to put you first—the reader, the conferee, the audience. Using pen and podium she helps you find encouragement, direction and renewed hope.

As a friend, mentor and constant learner, Sandi is grateful. She marvels at how God gifts His children so uniquely, takes them through custom-made life storms, then puts them into each others' lives, giving them opportunities to share their stories, ideas, resources, and encouraging words with one another. 

As a simple messenger, Sandi Banks seeks to point you to The Book and The Author of all life, for there alone is our hope!


Sandi is a Certified POWER Speaker through A.W.S.A. (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association); Certified Personality Trainer through C.L.A.S.S. (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speaker Services); a Journeyman with Christian Writers Guild; and Hope Coach, through AACC. She is a graduate of Dynamic Christian Communicators, Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt’s S.C.O.R.R.E. training, Speak Up, and other writer-speaker-leader training; she is currently a member of Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild, AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association), P.E.N. (Professional Editor Network) and AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors.)

Published works include Anchors of Hope: Finding Peace Amidst the Storms of Life and dozens of stories for Readers Digest, Guideposts, and others, by publishers including Broadman & Holman,Tyndale House, Zondervan, David C. Cook, Bethany House and Simon & Schuster.

Serving over twenty years on staff with Summit Ministries and Speak Up, traveling and leading workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally for ACSI, and working with ACTS International and other organizations over the years, has brought fulfilling ministry and lifelong friendships.

Raised in Colorado by her mom, a symphony harpist, Sandi grew up with a love of music, playing piano, violin and guitar, and most recently, a reluctant cello and harp. Now living in Texas, she relishes her role as wife and Mom and Gramma to some extraordinary folks.

Currently, Sandi enjoys serving on faculty/ staff with Carol Kent's SpeakUp Conferences, as well as freelance writing and editing, mentoring young wives and moms, and teaching women's Bible study.