GRANNY: 21st Century Version
1/20/2018 by: Sandi Banks

Granny: 21st Century Version

Just last week at an airport gate

a little granny caught my attention.

She appeared to be knitting something

with hot pink yarn. 

"How sweet," I cooed.

"You just don't see that anymore.

Probably something special for her teenage granddaughter." 

Just then, she stood to leave.

My bubble burst, as I discovered 

the hot pink "yarn" was the cord to her ear buds.

She plugged them into her iPod, and darted off.


I thought back to my grandma

on her rocker, 

tatting lace and humming hymns.

If she'd had an iPod,

I suppose it would be playing her favorite hymn,

"Just As I Am."

I think that would be most appropriate for her.

And, I hope, for us all. 


I want to affect my little corner of the world 

just as I am

Just the way God made me.

And for such a time as this,

appreciating not only the way He's wired me,

but also the time in history in which He has placed me.


How exciting to realize He has a grand purpose for each of us,

and a season for everything to which He has called us!

And that just might include technology.


Maybe like me, you identify more

with the iPod grandma

than the tatting one. 

I admit to being rather attached to my

iPod, iPad, iMac, iPhone, 

and all the techno-advances we've grown to know and love

in the new millenium.

But I do so with a lingering sense of nostalgia--

often yearning for the

simplicity and sincerity of yesteryear.


Guess I want it all.  wink


Bottom line, 

I hope we would use these things



and never in lieu of spending quality time loving on each other,


Balance, pure and simple. 

Well, better run.

Think I'll go buy some hot pink yarn and check out

I hear they have some great patterns

for OtterBox Commuter series cases,

to adorn my granddaughter's iPhone 8. 


Lord, I long for Your balance in my life.

In my zeal to relish or relive the past,

may I learn what is valuable to hold onto and what to discard so I can embrace the new. 

Thank You for technology. Show us all how we can best use it to invest in Your kingdom work.



Questions: What are some practical ways you find to balance your life?  Any you could share? Is there someone you may need to be more intentional about giving attention? Up front and personal?


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path." - Proverbs 3:5,6

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